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orange is the new black season 2 trailer x


get to know me meme - [2/10] favourite tv shows » breaking bad

"Oh, hey, nerdiest old dude I know, you wanna come cook crystal?"

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HC: And I think I’m getting old.

something about bbq.

DH: Texas is famous for deer—deer? Barbeque.

YJ: We have entire—tried here, but we will soon.

JU: We should. Yeah. /giggles like a high school girl/

Zelo: Excuse me but we only have four song left.

DH: Shit.

and then some other things they said but idek that shit was funny.

let’s talk about the physical affects of chronic anxiety because they’re hardly ever acknowledged








  • upset stomach and vomiting
  • ulcers
  • muscle aches
  • chronic fatigue
  • hormonal problems
  • irregular menstrual cycles
  • insomnia
  • infections
  • lowered immune system
  • migraines
  • shortness of breath
  • dizziness
  • heart palpitations
  • teeth-grinding
  • rashes

it is a lot more than just “feeling anxious “

I will always fucking reblog this.

I currently experience 8 of these pretty regularly

I’ve got chronic fatigue, irregular cycles, teeth-grinding, and I know that my eczema is at least in part inflamed by my anxiety/stress levels, so yeah, got the rashes too, and the upset stomach happens whenever I try to think about the stuff giving me anxiety long enough to handle.

When I say upset stomach, I mean like…whole body physically descends into my stomach and becomes a knot of pain

Everytime I see makes me think about how many of these I have, and when they show up.



Still the best vine

i only just heard the part where she says shit at the end no

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Andres Amador is an artist who uses the beach as his canvas, racing against the tide to create these large scale temporary masterpieces using a rake or stick ..

Andres’ creations are simply stunning and knowing that these delicate creations are temporary somehow makes them even more beautiful.